Финансирование проектов - альтернатива 2020 года

Альтернативы финансированию инфраструктурных проектов в будущем - при сокращении фондов EC

2019. gada 17.oktobrī  LU Humanitāro un sociālo zinību centrs, Kalpaka bulvāris 4, (2.stāvs) Rīga

Infrastructure projects’ financing alternatives and availability of funds. Situation now and after 2020

Public-private partnership in Latvia

Doing PPР  (Public-private partnership)in Poland – 10 years of experience

PPP implementation problems in Lithuania

PPP and financing of infrastructure projects: A European Perspective

Discussion - how to promote the volume of PPP projects in Latvia. The main obstacles and solutions.

Main problems of the Ķekava bypass PPP project, conclusions and recommendations for other PPP projects

Organization and documentation of PPP projects - legal aspects

PPP as an Alternative to Financing Infrastructure Projects - Company View

Discussion - Perspective of PPP Projects in Latvia - When and in what areas the next PPP projects in Latvia are expected

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