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XXVII  International conference "Real Estate and Construction in the Baltics 2024"

RMS forum – a branch of Riga Managers’ School what is organizing conferences, on April 12 is organizing  conference „Real estate and construction in the Baltics 2024”
Date/Venue: April 12, 2024 hotel Radisson BLU Daugava, Kuģu str.24, Rīga, LV-1048

The Construction Industry: Driving the Economy, Creating Jobs, and Developing Cities.

The construction industry plays a crucial role in the economy, acting as a driving force for growth, job creation, and urban development. The construction of a residential neighborhood, for example, can trigger the development of neighboring areas. It leads to the creation of social and commercial infrastructure, attracting businesses and transforming the landscape of cities before our eyes. This active transformation of cities shapes a new way of life for their residents. The housing market is shifting towards the Western European model, with renting becoming more prevalent than buying.

The Current Landscape for Baltic Developers

What are the current conditions for developers in the Baltic states? How do the activities of investors in Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius differ? What steps need to be taken by governments and businesses to ensure that the construction sector continues to play its system-forming role in these challenging times?

Key Discussion Points:

  • How are developers changing the face of Latvian cities?
  • What government support measures for developers and investors are most effective for large-scale urban transformations?
  • How does the implementation of ESG standards in construction affect buyer demand today?
  • Artificial intelligence in the real estate sector: How does AI help with building management?
  • What are the challenges facing developers today in creating new public spaces? What projects are being prioritized in urban development?
  • How will Riga change after the construction of Rail Baltica?
  • Why are people leaving the Latvian capital? How can this process be stopped?

Target groups: Government and municipal representatives • Developers • Construction company representatives • Appraisers • Investment companies and funds • Realtors and brokers • Banks and other credit institutions • Architectural and design bureaus • Service and consulting companies • Insurance companies, etc.

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