About company

RMS-Forum is an independent professional conference organiser undertaking the whole organisation process starting with the development of the idea till its complete implementation.

Our activities on conference organisation include the following work:

* marketing research of potential issues to become a conference subject

* development of the conference concept

* creation of data base of potential attendees of the conference

* search and selection of relevant qualified conference speakers

* provision of venue, technical appliances and simultaneous translation

* launching activities

* provision and filing of relevant information on the issues, production and publishing of supporting reference materials

* promotional activities

* consultations with public authorities


Advertising at conferences: 

  Gregory Gudkin gregory@rms.lv  Mob: +371 29259248

Conference registration: 

  in Russian - Gregory Gudkin gregory@rms.lv

  in Latvian - Lilija Matisane lilijam@rms.lv

  in English - Ilze Bartkevicha forum@rms.lv


Speaking at a conference 

To find the best and most qualified speakers for conferences, we use both our database, other contacts, and calls for papers.
Everyone interested is welcome to follow our updates on calls for papers and send us their suggestions along with a brief professional CV.


Telephone: +371 6 733 31 67 
Facsimile: +371 6 733 43 50 
e-mail: forum@rms.lv